Moon Europa, Unreleased

Producer, Technical Director
G. Craig Hobbs

Moon Europa was an independent, community-based science fiction film project based in Asheville, NC. The film pays homage to the traditions of the experimental avant-garde while owing a debt to the revolutionary new tools available to digital filmmakers. The film was workshopped at the IFP Narrative Lab in New York in 2007

Originally the seed of a 20-minute experimental short film, Moon Europa took on a life of its own in the creative environs of Asheville. Inspired by the enthusiastic commitment of local artists, designers, and technicians, the producers eventually transformed the project into the feature-length science fiction epic.

Spawned by newly emerging, low-cost digital video technology we represent a provincial movement in filmmaking rich in innovation and creative problem-solving. One example is the art department's approach to using recycled, reused, and salvaged resources. The idea spawns from the concern for the environment, and the integrity and consistency of the filmmaker's process and vision. From sets to wardrobe, the film displays the endless uses for salvaged materials. Examples include an interior set built entirely out of found objects and exterior sets built from recycled cardboard and giant bamboo timbers harvested from a local grove.

As a genre film, Moon Europa is a psychologically driven science-fiction film. The non-linear narrative is a contemplative and philosophically intense story of fractured characters and the world they inhabit.