In Situ Δ, 2oo9

Audio, video, programming, computers, infrared cameras
G. Craig Hobbs

In Situ Δ links the viewer to narrative trajectories of sound and image, opening an ontological inquiry on bodies and the forces of nature as generators of extensity, sensation, and affect.
In Situ encourages spatial exploration in the form of the embodied search. The search is revealed not as a computational feat, but as a physically embodied exploration of space. The process of searching is embodied by the viewer who maintains a direct physical role in content acquisition and playback through indexical and temporal tagging of audio/ video data.

In Situ Δ was installed during the interACTIVATE – digital art :: social impact exhibit at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History in 2009

My thesis, presented at UC Irvine's DAC09: Digital Arts and Culture 2009 is located here

Full project documentation with video is located here