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Asheville Global Report
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Website design & programming
G. Craig Hobbs

The Asheville Global Report was an award-winning, non-profit, all-volunteer operated weekly newspaper covering news underreported by mainstream media. The Asheville Global Report was the winner of 10 Project Censored Awards and has been recognized for its work by the American Civil Liberties Union. The AGR was distributed free every Thursday in Asheville and other cities, and was published weekly on the world wide web.

I designed and built the first Asheville Global Report website as a volunteer, and was webmaster for the weekly online edition for the first 3 years of its existence. In 2007 I became part of a small production team committed to bringing the Asheville Global report to local access public television by volunteering as a motion graphics editor, audio engineer, and studio camera operator.

Archival links to the weekly broadcast version of AGR are located on YouTube.