01SJ Biennial 2010

Technical Producer
G. Craig Hobbs

I served as the Technical Producer for the 2010 01SJ Biennial producing projects by Natalie Jeremijenko, Blast Theory, Eyebeam, Kitchen Budapest, the Rockwell Group, Andrea Polli, fabric | ch, and Yung-Ta Chang, among others.

My work involved logistics, planning, and communication with 01SJ commissioned artists on the technical implementation of their projects in South Hall's Out of the Garage, Into the World. I also built the network in South Hall and provisioned 40,000 watts of AC power.

Out of the Garage, Into the World blurred boundaries between garage hacking and citizen science by inviting a range of DIY laboratories and re-purposed spaces to perform in the public sphere. It was an invaluable opportunity for me to work with a broad range of international artists on the technical and logistical aspects of their projects.

01SJ is well documented here.