01SJ Biennial 2008

Curatorial Assistant
G. Craig Hobbs

The future will undoubtedly have a significant technological quotient. It must also have an ethical framework. The supercharged collision between innovation, the way things are now, and an irrepressible need to re-imagine what matters next is what compels the artists in Superlight.

Steve Dietz, Artistic Director


I served as the Curatorial Assistant for 2008 01SJ Biennial Artistic Director Steve Dietz to produce new commissions with artists Shih Chieh Huang, Amy Franceschini, Paul DeMarinis, Luke Dubois, Marina Zurkow & Paul D. Miller (DJ SPooky), among others.

My work involved technical planning, purchasing, configuration and communication with 01SJ commissioned artists on the technical implementation of their projects in the Superlight exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art.


The 2008 01SJ Biennial website archive is located here